Lasse Thoresen: Emergent Musical Forms. Aural Explorations.

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This book on music analysis presents a novel approach to the analysis of sonic and structural aspects of music-as-heard. It as been developed through the last 40 years at the Norwegian Academy of Music as part of the The Aural Sonology Project, involving a number of students and colleagues, notably Professor Olav Anton Thommessen and Assistant Professor Peter Tornquist. Its aim has been the development of a method of analysis that is not uniquely reserved for a particular compositional style or expression, but addresses music appreciation in Western art music on a general basis.

STUDIES IN MUSIC from the University of Western Ontario 2015/24. Editor: James Grier, Department of Musical Research and Composition.
Studies in Music is published by the Department of Musical Research and Composition, Don Wright Faculty of Music, University of Western Ontario.

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