Lasse Thoresen: “Quietly Turning” (Op. 56A) for Solo Violin

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Catalogue Number: EP20200A
Type: Playing Score
Plate number: 2106
First Published: 2021
Revised edition published: 2022
Format: 229 x 305 mm / 9 x 12 in
Pages: 12
Instrumentation: Solo Violin

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Lasse Thoresen: Quietly Turning (Op. 56A) for Solo Violin

Quietly Turning takes a particular type of Norwegian fiddle music (lyarslåtter, listening tunes—as opposed to dancing tunes) as its point of departure. These tunes have a particularly quiet, peaceful and sunny atmosphere. The timbre of the violin should be silvery, i.e. with light bowing and normally without vibrato. The tuning of the music is not tempered; it approximates just intonation. The piece uses a scordatura: the third string is tuned up a major second, forming a pure fourth with the second string and an octave with the first string. The fourth string may be tuned slightly high (+12 cents) so as to produce a pure major sixth (5:3) with the third string.

The rhythm of the piece can be characterized as mildly uneven. The note values are generally chosen from the Fibonacci sequence—2:3:5:8—proportions which converge on the golden ratio.

This piece is dedicated to the violinist Gregory Maytan.

Lasse Thoresen, 2020

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